Dream Works You just have to believe In God

Dream Works You just have to believe In God

Dream fulfillment take strong bond partnership between a man and God. No one has the capacity to carry the burden of a God given vision alone , you are expected and designed to be colaboured with God . It’s is a partnership . It’s is not meant to be one man shown or a sile propertyship.

For we are laborer together with God , ur are God husbandry ye are God building. Mark the word laborer together with God it mean the dream just be done with God. It’s mean the dream must be done with God. Avoid error of running the vision all by yourself. Wrought involving God. There’s is a limit to how far staring man can go.

to surmount the challenger on the way, you need Devine assistance. Don not depends on yourself depend on God. Respites cannot stop God given a God drive dream five loaves of Bread and two fishes were supernatural enough to feed thousand of men by his blessing.

When your best is enough , His grace is more than enough. Don’t not take a pause for a stop and do not turn a bend into an end. Dream works.