Pray And Walk With God For The Right Way

Pray And Walk With God For The Right Way

Knowing the will and purpose of God for you life is enough, you need to own it. Many are not ignorant of what God want from them, but they are not doing anything worth while with that knowledge. They keep ignoring and postponing the idea are not ready to run with the assignment.

Trust God

There’s a need for you to come into terms with God’s purpose in your life, you just begin to make effort to understand . Accept and deal with the made known to you. God does not force people to do his will.

He desires men not to be in the same page with what he want to do in their live. Your assignment starts when you’re in total alignment with God purpose. Partial alignment will not will not get the job done.

To take full ownership of that dream, in line with God purpose you need to obey and a worship him always.