Bruno missing  penalty has nothing to do with his previous performance.

Bruno missing penalty has nothing to do with his previous performance.

We're tired of preaching this ole out campaign thing. The board in charge is not interested so let's enjoy this disappointment everyday. Bruno was outstanding throughout the game and missing that penalty has nothing to do with his previous performance, he is our hero
OGS weakness really shows. Very passive and unable to motivate and get the best out of his players who are on paper way better than Villa. He cannot take the team anywhere. 2 consecutive losses at home to supposed lesser teams that played with heart and intelligence.

No excuse for such a defeat. Evething was in mess I don't see the role of coạch. Don't blame any players, they worked hard already. Just not clear what style they played.
Sorry, I give up this time. Have been defending Ole, but that lineup and formation against Aston Villa at home is ridiculous. I even naively thought Cavani will start upfront with CR7. And seriously, are the entire coaching staff unable to see how badly Fred is playing currently? 
Just be honest, looking at how the game went, was Ole's game plan seriously counterattack against Villa.

as long as solskjaer the manager is we will not win anything, with such a squad we should play way way better, but the managers tactics are rubbish.

Mental to leave Sancho out and to run with two DMs again, Fred should be nowhere near it, this double pivot has never worked for us. 
Cavani brought on way too late also. Mental setup, should have won this game.

So much for "bounce back." So much for "we go again." The whole setup is a trainwreck. It's not just Ole, the whole coaching staff need to go. Get ZZ in and let him bring his own people with him.