Cristiano Ronaldo has scored in His first home PL Game

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored in His first home PL Game

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored in:His first home PL game back, His first away PL game back And first UCL game back.
No doubt Ronaldo is the real Goat. Proved himself everywhere he’s been. On the other hand Messi is still yet to find the back of the net in a farmers league. The difference is clear. Lord have mercy
It's better to score a tap-in and equalize for my club and add to my goal tally then to play the entire game without scoring.. 

The hate out here is too much. U guys should just appreciate them for all they have done in the world of football. U can't just hate them and Claim u love the beautiful game.. Viva Ronaldo.

observed his body language today, he's not the same CR7 of 12years ago, but his scoring knowledge is phenomenal. He's trying not to work out his energy during matches with unnecessary burn out speed but stays at the right place at right time for goals. I won't judge him now till he plays the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Mancity that loves to retain ball. Truly, he's a goal poucher, a deadly Player to be left alone at your box 6.

 There was a time when Messi was better than Ronaldo, and now Ronaldo is better than Messi. Football is about improving, but it’s also recognising that it’s not just the player but the players around you and the chemistry you have. Take Messi out of Barca and he’s nothing special. Put Ronaldo anywhere and he is consistent. That IMO puts Ronaldo above Messi. Look at Tores, he was amazing at Liverpool but useless at Chelsea. shevchenko amazing at Milan and useless at Chelsea.