Getting Google Admob Approval - Steps You Needs To Take.

Getting Google Admob Approval - Steps You Needs To Take.

I know a lot of people will be seriously angry with this post I want to make. Admin too might not want to approve it tho but if they do, I’ll break the table of getting adsense once and for all so that everyone can win.

Abeg you in the name of God, as I always reiterate you gat to use money to find money. I’m not asking for your money ooo so don’t get me wrong. Oya let’s start and I will break this down so that no one will have any reasons to flood my inbox with questions and answer.

To Get Adsense, google need to verify your legitimate address. I’ll teach you how to bypass that and you won’t spend months trying to get adsense. After this article, you’ll know how to get adsense in 10minutes I swear on my mother’s grave. At least that’s what I always do and adsense na something wey I no see as problem.

You’re going to need $27 not for me ooo, I’ll teach you.

1. Firstly, go to Playstore or Apple store and search for Barter by Flutterwave.

2. Download/Install and register for it with your BVN and after successful registration, you’ll be provided with 1 temporary Naira Card, request for $Dollar card at I think $2 to $4

3. You’ll be provided a dollar card instantly and you can use that henceforth for all your online transaction. The Dollar card always come with The following address: 333 Fremont Street, San Francisco California

4. Fund the dollar card by depositing money into your Barter Flutterwave account. They partner with Wemabank Plc so you’ll be provided with a wema bank account just convert $30 to naira and send the equivalent to your Barter Flutterwave Wema account.

5. The money should reflect in minutes, after the reflection, go to the my card section and click on fund account, there conversion rate can be high but it’s worth it tho, so just type $27 in there and it will automatically debit your Barter Naira account to fund the $ card.

6. When all that is done, go to play.google.com/console/ or simple google search for google play developer account and register, after registration. They will ask you to pay for developer fee.

7. Use the Barter card to make the payment, and don’t forget to use VPN o. After successful payment.

8. Goto google adsense and apply. I swear to God, na instantly dem go give you.

Why? Because Google adsense don automatically use the card address to verify you. Not the next thing for you to do is

9. Go to adsense payment settings on the dashboard, and change the address back to your real Nigeria address. And you’re good to go. Attach screenshot is one I get for my client I built a Website and Native Android Mobile APP for. I got it within 10mins