Governor Kofoshi Advice And Share From VAT on Beer From Other States

Governor Kofoshi Advice And Share From VAT on Beer From Other States

Governor Kofoshi said If you want to be a governor grow your state's economy. You can't contribute humongous numbers during elections that can't translate to tax earnings for your state. If they can vote they should be able to work and pay tax.
See reponse on fabook below. Someone said.  You are making sense with your actions His Excellency. l am not among your fans but l love you and your style of Leadership with your unbeatable elephant projects all over your State completed and delivered not among those they assured us they we complete & deliver before 2023. You are not among the "Feeding Bottle Governors" l salute you, Sir.

Quite on point. The message is unambiguous! Stop being a bootlicking and begging Governor when your State has tax resources to deliver to the masses according to your population!!

 This is one Governor I admire so much. A Governor who is bold enough to speak the truth and defend his people, a person who does not care which Party he belongs to and dam the consequence, a Governor who could arrest s Pilot for contravening his No fly in order. I can go on and on to recount outrage over the bizarre and annoying things that are happening in our country Nigeria. If 85 percent of all the Governors were like him, they will be able to make the President to sit up. Today everybody is bemoaning the ills of the President but very helpless to do anything about it. The country has been caged.

In as much as I don’t like this man for the blood of the innocent people of biafra, obigbo killing to show his ego which he’s gonna have his day at the international criminal court for crime against humanity. This battle he fought against the fraudulent Nigerian system and won is a plus and right thing to do. Stop the abnormalities and impunity in the fake country call liejeria.(Nigerian) y’all need to wake up. I come in peace.