Lionel Messi refused to shake Mauricio Pochettino's hand after being substituted

Lionel Messi refused to shake Mauricio Pochettino's hand after being substituted

Lionel Messi refused to shake Mauricio Pochettino's hand after being substituted with 15 minutes left as PSG searched for a goal against Lyon! They ultimately won 2-1 with a last minute goal from Mauro Icardi! 
He doesn't need that, As one of the best player of the decade, you need to humble yourself and respect your coach.

You don't need to be unhappy because you didn't score a goal for the team. Everybody knows scoring goals without winning important matches to secure the top spot is useless, all he needs to do is to accept the manager decisions. So, they 'll be able to win trophies.

Nobody will make negative comments about Messi now for throwing tantrums after substitution instead it is Comments of Poch shouldn't have subbed him, but should CR7 do that now, shouts of arrogance and pride will fill the air.

 I watched this match yesterday. Messi played very well. Coach substituted Messi by only one reason when neymar gave him assist and Messi didn't score it's not a good idea for management b/c I also watched yesterday match westham vs manchester united. You can also watch when westham didn't score from the penalty spot too. But they didn't substitute their players by as like manner that you psg coach do. I mean that they do wrong with Messi.

When he started molesting teams in Europe the ororo fans will start saying he scoring against farmers league. We know una type... Messi has nothing to prove to anyone again after wining Copa America!

Ronaldo on the other hand has to catch up the golden boot and Balon D'or tally which doesn't seem possible in this life time...
So please enjoy your useless troll while it last.

The difference between messi and Ronaldo is Character. That's was why he stayed all his life in Barca where he is worshipped by all and he is alpha and omega. He lack the character to survive in a new environment, new challenge, new role and new approach to games. Ronaldo Is a better leader any time, any day.

You cant be bigger than club Oga Messi
Once you are not useful on pitch the coach has to remove you..What matter most is for the clubs to win games and trophies...

CR7 got subbed with 28mins left in a game United was still on a draw , yet he shaked Ole Gunnar when he came out . That’s humility. Even though Ole Gunnar made the wrong decision, yet CR7 did not complain, You must learn to accept the fact the entire team does not revolve around you . Messi needs to humble himself and respect the coach.

This club called PSG lacks discipline  all the players have this attitude problems towards their coach's. Am not surprised. This is how they want to win champions league, day dreamers.