Mbappe is good player but he need to be bold & matured - Lionel Messi

Mbappe is good player but he need to be bold & matured - Lionel Messi

Eto'o on the 'Football Gods' - "There have been very few football gods. And Argentina gave two gods: one (Diego Maradona) is resting near his father and the other is still with us in this world. I am blessed to have played with Messi and enjoyed his football.
I didn't have the opportunity to play officially with Diego, but as a child I watched him a lot on television and what he did with the ball seemed incredible to me. Cristiano is another God. Together with Messi, they are the players who mark current football with the highest marks. But another God is coming for when Messi and Cristiano get tired of giving us these joys. That new God will be Kylian Mbappé.

Mbappe is good player but he need to be bold & matured . If not he will be like Neymer . Samuel Eto prepare Messi than Ronaldo because they played together & Mbappe origin simply from Cameroon . Halaand will be better than Mbappe if he is in a big club .

Mbappe is a little bit overrated... He hasn't the shot of Van Nistelrooy, he hasn't the touch of Henry, he hasn't the quality of Berkamp, the technical ability of Zidane or Ronaldinho, he hasn't the power of Ronaldo (the 9)... he isn't good in headers... he hasn't the instinct likes Inzaghi had.

When you saw Zidane, Figo, Davids, Berkamp, Henry, R9, Ronaldinho etc... I find hard to consider Mbappe has a god of football.He plays for a team too strong for his league... he has pace but stills lack of another qualities.

At this moment... I find Haaland more impressive in all fields. And he plays for a team with less qualities.

Not so sure for MBappe. His arrogance won't do him good. Halland is more humble and does greater things. Mbappe will never be one, it's a matter of mentality and professionalism. He has to change his ways.

Mbappe will end up into being something like Neymar with his mentality.... Nothing more... Nothing less .. he is very fortunate to have played with an incredible French team that has made him a World Cup winner.

I doubt, which sources the page find that was Eto said. But if its true, i can agree with it. Cr7 and Messi is different god. Only fanatics fans of Cr7 n Messi love to compare who better between them.