Nonso Onyejemezi Narrated His Experience While Scrolling Through Facebook On Sunday.

Nonso Onyejemezi Narrated His Experience While Scrolling Through Facebook On Sunday.

During my NYSC year, I was scrolling through Facebook on a Sunday, and I saw a post from a group that read thus:

"What do you have to give, indicate, someone might need it. I quickly remembered I had this android phone I brought along from Port Harcourt to Ibadan. It was working fine, except that the screen was slightly cracked.

I thought it'd be great to give it out to someone since I wasn't using it. So, I commented saying -- "I have a phone with a slight screen defect to give out to anyone residing in Ibadan, but who genuinely needs a phone"

Many persons replied my comment, saying they needed the phone, but they weren't in Ibadan.One dude however said he's in Ibadan, and he needs the phone because he's a graphic designer who uses his dad's phone to work, which has been very strenuous for him.I asked him to send me a DM so we can meet. In less than 5 minutes, I got a call from a friend in PH, and she said:

"Nonso! I see your post for that group, abeg, keep that phone for me, no give anybody o, if not I go vex for you, aswear!.

Me: But, you get 3 phones na, wetin you wan take this one do? Her: E no concern you, just keep am for me.

Me: The phone nah for person wey "need" am, no be for who "want" am. Sorry, no vex, I get who I don decide to give. And, she angrily dropped the call when she heard that. She even went ahead to unfriend me on FB.

Me, I kuku no send.

I met the dude the next day, and gave him the phone. The "God Bless You" he showered on me will take me for a lifetime.So far this Earth exists, I will never give something to someone who wants it, while I'm aware that someone who "needs" it is out there. No matter who's involved.

Someone comments said.  You even wait for her to unfriend u ehhh,u would have done it urself.She is the kind of person that wants to eat others but don't want others to see their shi shi.

She's greedy jare,and never agrees that she has,nothing dey do them,tufia.
She want everything to herself eh,she get luck say no be me,chai! Greed, envy and jealousy are some of the plagues that has hindered Nigeria, and Africa at large from developing. Imagine unfriending someone because of his own thing, not that you sponsored him to buy it, that audacity! 

Thanks for solving the problem the young guy had and for making him independent to an extent. God's continuous blessings.

I need prayers o, I just lost my birds this morning, i'm going through heartbreak.