Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is really appreciated by the Manchester United

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is really appreciated by the Manchester United

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is really appreciated by the Manchester United board and the atmosphere around him is positive. The players are happy with Solskjær, so there is nothing which would suggest that he would be sacked.
They are ordinary team this days, the heart of united we know long died.we are united in shirt,playwise we are hull city.we no longer want cups.

Sacked for what? Losing in Carabao Cup to a good West ham side when we played our reserves (admittedly they made a few changes also) and losing in the first champions league game because we were down to 10men for a hour?? Other than that it's been an almost perfect start to the season. What a load of old tosh.

He is a good coach, but" let him have constant first 11 in his line up than gambling with line up every game. This man is going nowhere, even if the Man want to resign, we will beg him to stay I believe?

U even ashamed of urself 10 men with common young boys,u loss to westham and u can proud of it not second team of Chelsea play against Aston villa.I can bet u ole we spent 5 years with no trophy.

Me personally , i would like to say that Man United is a big club en doesnt need the kind of mediocre results being displayed under Ole's watch.

He need to improve the results and the style of play otherwise the atmosphere can be negative soon because the signings comes with expectation.

 Ole is not going anywhere n if u can not stand ole been the Manchester United manager then u can go hug transformar.

I hope those fools who are busy crying here and there that doesn't concern them are listening, you cannot be bigger than club, you are just a fan remember? The board, the management and players step the real man united as far as am concern so stop this your continue criticism or insults on Ole calling his sacked or whatever.

were you there when he was appointed? The highest you can do Mr Fan is stop been a man United supporter and please stop raining insults on Ole he is doing what they board appointed him to do, we are just to watch if they loose so be it. I dont loose sleep if they lost, I dont get anything if they win so why all the criticism? What is your take or stake in the club??? Especially our African brothers who are so dying of this fanship syndrome.