Short Moral Lessons To Noted That Will Help In Future

Short Moral Lessons To Noted That Will Help In Future

The donkey said to the tiger, 'The grass is blue.' Tiger said, 'No grass is green.'

Then the discussion between the two became intense. Both of them are firm in their own words. To end this controversy, both went to Lion, King of Jungle.
In the middle of the animal kingdom, sitting on the throne was a lion.

The donkey started yelling before the tiger could say anything. “Your Highness, the grass is blue, isn’t it?” Lion said, 'Yes! The grass is blue. '
Donkey, 'This tiger does not believe. Annoys me He should be punished properly. ' The king declared, 'Tiger will be jailed for a year. King's verdict was heard by donkey and he was jumping in joy in entire jungle. The tiger was sentenced to one-year jail. '

The Tiger went to the Lion and asked, 'Why Your Highness! Grass is green, isn’t it? ' Lion said, 'Yes! Grass is green.’ Tiger said, '... then why am I sentenced to jail? '
Lion said, “you did not get punished for the grass being blue Or green. You have been punished for debating with that stupid donkey. Brave and intelligent creatures like you have argued with a donkey and have come here to get a decision”

Moral of the story

1. Don't argue with a stupid person, they will drag you to their level and beat you down with experience.

2. Know your value, until you respect yourself nobody will respect you. 
If you don't place value on yourself, fools will see you as a fool.
If you want to be productive and reach your peak performance walk with great minds because likes beget likes.