Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger are coming back online now - Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger are coming back online now - Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger are coming back online now. Sorry for the disruption today -- I know how much you rely on our services to stay connected with the people you care about.
For those who don't know, it was caused ( as far as i have heard) due to routine BGP update. So what is BGP? ( Border Gateway Protocol. In simplest form, ( & not to bore you guys). Think of it like a map of internet ( like where is what located) & each map is controlled by large numbers of ISPs.

No single company has the entire map, but if they are "partnered" or peers they can talk to each other to determine where to send the data packets.For example. Lets say i am in Dallas & my browser ( On Comcast Network) is trying to reach a website that's in Beijing on a local ISP there. 

Lets say, My ISP doesn't peer with to local ISP in Beijing directly but... At&t peers with both mine & one local in Beijing . So once i send a request, my ISP talks to "network map" that's derived from BGP to find what's the shortest way to reach Beijing to that specific site, & an automatic system determines that its best to drop data with at&t & then at&t takes it to the local ISP in Beijing that it partners with.

Tldr: fb was doing some routine work on updating some information on a network map called BGP & it got messed up. Its all good now.

Mr Zuckerberg, I ent finding ma album, if u plan on selling my pictures, I would like a 50% cut on whatever u get for them..ps: mek sure u sell the ones I look cute in. it was a relief actually....we started connecting to our family members because Facebook, Instagram and whats app were down....please do this at least once a week Mr Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg. Huh! That was close. 
All social media that we use as the Leading tours and travel agency in Africa were down at once. On the bright side. Imagine with curfew and without social media. 9months down the line…. There will be boost especially here in Kenya. We have started the countdown. We should start getting names… If you know.. you know. 

On contrary …It was difficult for our clients heading to Maasai mara ( 8th wonder of the new world) and Diani ( Best beach in Africa) today. We now see how much we rely on them. Thanks once again for making our business thrive. have realize only today that without Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp we're nothing those apps really keep the phone going either then that the kids can used it for games only useless But next time please alert us before doing the International Shutdown I thank you on behalf of all the Africans effected yesterday.

Much appreciated and it's a massive experience. Hope we all learn and the world had learnt your endurance and our collective positive quests on facebook rather then only siding on the negativity that everything in existence as such have too.

Like the nature of everything, I am sure this rapidly evolving facebook commune has its down sides. but I am sure like many things have beautifully evolved in the past many years, so will this outrage last past few hours will bring to our collective human quests and our evolution as collective human and bring desirable humility and embrace change. 

Cause I was tryna call you this morning to see wtf was going on, my guy. Ppl out here having whole Baptist fits, throwing iPads and phones cause they couldn’t get on here. Poor thing needs to go check in some where.

was wondering why I could not use WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram yesterday afternoon. I even went to the extent of taking my phone for repair whereby the ICT guy charged me 500 dollar for repair just to have learn later that all social media’s platforms were shut down the whole world yesterday afternoon for almost five hours.... I am going to get back my money tomorrow.These IT guys like lying.

Went to eat at a restaurant during a trip yesterday. A lot of people, including us, talked to each other without using the phone while eating.It was a good experience for a while. Mark please add a "voice note" feature in the comment section, it will be so easy to say my mind.The kinda mood am in at the moment, if I decide to type it out am certain you'll block me again for 2months. 

There are a lot of people on social media who really depend and rely on the services on Facebook. I hope things will be resolved quickly and everyone will get back to their regular speed. Thanks for recognizing the problem and taking the necessary steps to solve this issue.

Mark Zuckerberg Sir, Pls Don't do this again, ppl can't breathe without WhatsApp, FB & Instagram, it's like air, water and food. For 30’ my wife and I thought that the whole internet was down, we even restarted the router - in fact we were both trying to use just facebook and whatsapp. That says it all.

Mark you made all celebrities who have many followers to feel hopeless and useless too. You should be doing this often. Once a week. Take this concern seriously, Honestly I'm not happy this morning i was setting a voice password on my phone A dog barked in front of me and It ran away
Now i'm looking for the dog to unlock my phone.

Well done Mark. Great Apps and they have been amazing.Just note however, the end will come with the return of Jesus without any human control just like these Apps went off and brought us back to fresh reality. We farmers from india suffered so much from this issue. We weren't able to abuse modi ambani and adaani on Social media.

So we command you to come india and support us to fight against this fasisct indian government. Also Kindly note it, if it happens again we'll come USA with our tractors and crush you down like an insect.

Its crazy how we rely on these social media platforms.We were perfectly fine before without them, but now not having them work for a few hours made us feel so lost.

i understand that something went wrong today. But you could show us an error message when we were entering Facebook and WhatsApp. An error message would be enough for us to understand. I was not understanding what was wrong with my mobile and even restarted my mobile. Just showing an error message is expected.

Thank you Mr Berg for giving us a little social Media breather.. I fell asleep early last night & slept so well... Mind at peace!Hashtag "Facebook is injurious to health. A very important advice I'd give is the need to decouple all three of them, you cannot have everything shutdown at the same time. The impact is unprecedented.

Take care about ur business.You will think about users how difficult are effect on.Next time know and be careful.Eachother work with time and lifestyle.Respect that. Mark Z, please let it happen again o! Every week for just 6 hours....families need it to reconnect and detox from social media.

Please fix the notification for gaming pages it's frustrating that my followers coming after 1 hour stream and commenting that they are not getting notification. Your gaming support system is very bad every time I raised my notification or recommendation issue getting same auto generated email.respect creators and solve issues.

We preach also through Facebook, Instagram and Messenger... So let this be known and be taken serious. Many souls are being saved through these platforms. How you are so polite ..sorry for what its enough we dont pay nothing.we must say sorry to you for this huge problem and your huge money lost sorry and thank you.i think any one say bad comment you can stop him u understand.

Because of you, girl when I send transport money no come visit me because na only messenger we take de communicate. Pay me my money back o But why have all of them on the same system. You have enough money to create relationships but have each stand alone. Don’t be a miser.

Mark you go dey try respect us small o,if no be computer ogbo gi na village na akpom dede timo…you just wake up one morning off person business without notice and you make me naked dey lay course on Nigeria government since lastnight cus na them we take this kyn thing know…well you are my friend,i forgive you.

Yes, a lot of people depends on WhatsApp and Facebook as they become an integral part of their business and daily lives. So more than an apology we would like to understand the reason for which it was down. Is it a deliberate system down time or to protect a hack or something else? We own an explanation also Mark Zuckerberg. Thanks!

just stared into the void. Saw the universe opening up before my eyes. Time and space twisted into a conundrum filled with signals and voices. Everything matters. Nothing matters. 
Ah, then Facebook comes back to life, so I can start posting and commenting to people who don't care about it again. Thanks Mark.

salamat po, Kuya Mark! kahit mejo bad timing because my Fiancée and I had just announced our engagement and only a few really saw it because of the shutdown. Next time please drop a mail (as you already have) about the downtime. It's not wise to post about downtime on the same medium which is actually down.

Maaka lwaki oyendhe okutukalakata. We had put our phones on drips and abused everyone who borrowed our phones yesterday. We deleted all apps and emptied the galleries thinking it's our ex's photos causing the malfunctioning. Some of us even got admitted. Anyway just to let you know, in Uganda we are still using VPN you refused to talk with Museveni. Maaka tuyambe.

Thank god its become normal now. Last night three times I power off my phone and do on again but still not work out. Then I think maybe some issues in fb and whatsApp and Instagram. What happened to know about that I watch news then I became to know it's due to surver down. Feeling like I'm getting disconnected from this world .

Rely? Please don't make yourself more important then you are. You are strictly entertainment purposes only. Much like television. The most important people i associate with, are located in my contacts where they can call or text me and that has nothing to do with you. Get off your high horse. You are not idolized, many feel sorry for you. Come to the realization that though we lost Facebook for several hours, we lost nothing. You lost several amounts of money in stocks.

But atleast you for pick my calls na... Wetyn dey there make you pick tell me say see wetyn dey sup? Guy you veks me o No try am again, if not I go follow you come house Anyways una try, send me your aza mk I waya you small something.

Thank you Mark Zuckerberg, that little outage made me realize even more just how important social media is in today’s society. After a long time had an early and peaceful sleep. Please do this in regular intervals Mark Zuckerberg.

Why zuku uncle why! Do you know how much I suffer! I love you zuku uncle.. Just for your facebook invention I meet my ex .. Now he is past tense but your facebook is still here so i hope I can find someone new .. I request you uncle plzz Don't do this again..   You right my pekin. Small boy like you controlling people with plenty children. Ehn you see for yourself how many of us are very less busy and we depend on your app to keep the day going.

Do you know how miserable I was and how many times I switched my phone on and off?
I thought it was broken. Please let us know if you want to do some work I beg you 

Call me if you are free on messenger I want to ask you for some money there is something very important I want to do. It’s ok Mark. It shows that I can live without WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. In fact last night was the most peaceful night since the past decade. Cheers.

Mark Zuckerberg It was just for few hours .... but showed crucially how much these apps are important to present lifestyle! So it's your responsibility to provide security & protect the privacy of millions. 

On the other hand, people shouldn't depend on facebook sooo much. It was a sort of learning too. BTW, interesting part is, I thought it was my network problem 😅 I couldn't understand until and unless my students informed me! Love for the young generation, love for the students all over the world!


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