I don’t think Chelsea have quite figured out how to use Lukaku yet.

I don’t think Chelsea have quite figured out how to use Lukaku yet.

"I don’t think Chelsea have quite figured out how to use Lukaku yet. Last season, they didn’t have a proper Striker, so they rotated. If they can figure out how to use Lukaku, then Chelsea can become the team to beat in the Champions League this season." 🤔

Chelsea didn't take the manual from Inter?

If you figured out how to use him,how did Inter fare in Champs league last season?why didn't he reciprocate his prowres in Champs league?anyone can have a moment wonder in domestic league,even against top 4 teams in Seria A he scored pens,he is overrated.

Whether the take the manual from Inter or not, You can't compare England system of football to Italy. We have cracks in England and lukaku may even not see his period there to be compared with his performance at Inter. Just take a look what is happening to Messi in PSG, 5 games played but just one goal scored and even don't appear always in games because of there football system.

Playing as a lone striker with 2 average midfielder behind u, it is tough to a score in the big matches against quality defenders.

Yeah.you right!they aint figured out how to play around him or they simply dont have the material around him.

Lukaku's mentality doesn't suit him for the big occasions.He loves to prey on small teams.
Coz with a team like Belgium, he could have been European and world champion by now.

He's applying for manager job at Chelsea intelligentl Lukaku can only play point 9 and that's the position his current coach playing him. The coach is not using Lukaku in the goal pole, not even as a midfielder or winger but he's playing straight 9. More over it's not his first time playing at Chelsea. The truth is Chelsea is not his kind of football club. The team is not okay for him.. besides he's not a big game player. I bet play him against Norwich City and see him acting like he's the best player in the worl.