This is only the beggining, competition as strong as the Premier League - Cristiano Ronaldo

This is only the beggining, competition as strong as the Premier League - Cristiano Ronaldo

This is only the beggining, but in a competition as strong as the Premier League, every point counts! We must react immediately, get back on our feet and show our true strength. Granted, Bruno is good. Anyone can miss a penalty. but Ronaldo is king. You should have taken the penalty!
Ole tactics; stay his seat until 80 minutes, never come close with touch line and talk to his player he never trust and consulting with his co staffs coaching he also never correct his players when they are frustrated, Ole is Scum please leave us and resign Ole he never be a leader or manager when he was player he normally played last 10 minutes.

Greenwood killed the game with his selfish style of football and above all Ole isn't good enough to be the coach of Manchester United.

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 Heads up, GOAT!  You do not deserve any blame for today's match. And never let anyone to take the penalty next time.Emiliano Martinez to Cristiano Ronaldo speak "You take it, you take it, why are you always afraid of Argentines.

No matter how great you really are, sometimes you pretend to be a loser, even for the sake of your opponents.lots of respect my love.. Greenwood was very selfish today, I am pissed, next time don't allow Bruno to take a penalty, it has just landed here in Malawi 
am man united fan, but i think it was very disrespectful for Bruno Fernandez to stepped onto that penalty when Ronaldo was on the pitch. Greenwood was very selfish today. Other wise Aston villa played a great game. They held their defense line very astute, the attack was free flowing.

You should be the only penalty collector, I honestly admire you a lot but this time you lacked more character, to tell Bruno give me that ball that I am going to shut up Martinez's mouth.

Believe me, I have no words to say. I wanted you to take last minute penalty doesn't matter how good Burno is at it.The team needs a true warrior and fighter like u only some few individuals are letting the team down but u've to accept it.

If the world goes against you then I will go against the world. At any moment, any situation I am with you.Man Utd are gradually trying to turn your page to a forum for motivational talks. It won’t be good for them.

What you're saying is true but, why did you allowed Brono to play the penalty while you're there. I'm really disappointed by you today.If we support to Manchester united but we shy of today match for Lost. hopefully it will be better again than first and be strong for next match.

Got to see you play at long last! (You were injured every time I went to see United first time around). Get to see you again Wednesday night in Champions League, can’t wait Cristiano!