Townsend: “The celebration is no disrespect, Cristiano is Just my idol.

Townsend: “The celebration is no disrespect, Cristiano is Just my idol.

Townsend: “The celebration is no disrespect. Cristiano is my idol. It was a bit of respect to him, an honour to be on pitch with him. Ronaldo is good, but my god what a frigging ego. Cr7 is easily provoked these days,he should acknowledge  that EPL is tougher this time around. I'm not a CR7 fan but honestly cr7 is a goat just like Messi and both of them should be respected. I am pretty sure CR7 was not the first person to do this celebration, if I scored away at old Trafford I would celebrate how ever I wanted too fair play too him. CR7 is still a goat.
The best CR7 can do is to retire before he is disrespected much by his young ones..
Respect is earned. CR7 has plenty impersonator's. They hate 2 love him so much. Disrespect man how can it be respectfull this is bullshirt.

Bullshit did he want to honour ronaldo on the pitch, there’s so many ways he could have “honoured” him instead of trying to copying Ron’s celebration, if anything it was disrespectful like it would be for any other player. Thanks for being so brave enough to make this statement, it's shows that your intentions were generally demonstrated.

We can celebrate like Ronaldo at our local fields to honor him but not after scoring against him'. Townsend clearly doesn't know this. He’s indirectly telling CR7 that he’s not extraordinary player. They can also do what he does. Mockery in it highest peek.

90% of human being easily gets upset as they get old and that is exactly what is happening to CR7. Townsend was happy scoring against team with christiano. The celebration came automatically.

Ole style of play is a disgusting one. How can we always consede from silly counter attacking by the opponents. Dream comes true to you Townsend...but pls next time make sure you did not spoil my bet pls.thanks man for that genius goal.

The manager will continue living by apologies while the fans are feeling very disappointed in every game result.That was a great performance from Townsend and their jersey number 11 I forgot his name... And Sancho for man u. .. that was an enyojable game.

Who is Ronaldo? Smbody should please tell me. Even Satan sometime wants to be like God. Townsend be deny him any goal, Inconsistent player no dey do siiiuuuuu o town send abi na community send be him name before the guy go score again ehn God go come down.

People are just having sleepless night over a world class player. With a wonderful historical record breaking. Whatever he does is his right, people should stop been envy about super star players like C7. U guys should be thanking God u got a point not . Making noise here if not for bar we hard all three points.

Man United will suffer on top of CR7 they have not yet touch any giant team like Liverpool and Chelsea, Remember athletico Madrid coach Diego simeon he did that's too to mock d great cr7,buh cr7 later bounce back on him on champion league 2nd leg when he disqualified them, so Townsend was disrespecting cr7 no caps abou dat.

If it's black player that try such he would have been punished for doing that hmmm white people shaa, He should've done it in another match.Doing it after scoring agnst hs "Idol's" team is kinda RUDE.

It was clear stupidity of him!!We know him in Tottenham and he was an ordinary man even not knowing how to control the ball!!He is a zero football skill player!!Bastard, For the first time since he was a soccer player bt he did it when he scored the equalising goal No Townsend was mocking at Ronaldo.

You be idiot. Nobody can decide how you celebrate your goal for you. Let him be angry if he like. Assuming they won. Won't he be happy and you will be sad. You deserve to be cane.you made ya idol cry ..lesson learnt !! Know the kind of people you multivate.

what the hell has white or black got to do with Ronaldo. Everyone knows he is good, the issue is so does he. Taking his shirt off every few minutes to show of his chest, constantly looking at the big screen to see himself, sitting on the team bus looking into his iPhone to watch replays …..of himself. 

His expressions of disdain if one of his team mates doesn’t pass the ball to him, when he knows the cameras are on him. He is just so full of himself. Just compare his muted celebrations when it’s one his team mates who has scored, compared to his own ballerina pirouettes. No matter what color he is, he’s arrogant.

Sorry, it is like it is easy to find ego in some people than in some people. It is like every white person always see any good black person as having ego. What a sickness. When there is always this great ego in white people, they tend to say he is very good in his work.

nothing tougher the players is playing aren't of the class he had 10yrs ago and also his age.. see your life now! I just made my observation no need for that. he's the first person to do the celebration...that's what he's known for.

you don't watch football. The video the commenter is talking about is on YouTube. Go check it out, Messi didn't pay anything.
Messi's Iconic celebration at the Barnabeu will always hurt the galacticos. 

Thank you for this article, it's actually an inspiration or reminder that people who has achieved big things in life never gave up.
We only fail when we stop trying, Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the greatest managers who achieved alot during his time at Man U.

Yeah, if you scored against his team and did that. It was disrespectful, yes from the Europe tournament when Balotteli scored for Italy he did da celebration and shed tears. some stupid comment. Yes, that is his own celebration. Def Ronaldo hater, i am football lover.

why should I hate him, he is not even in my country and I don't have any reason to hate him but I hate proudness, Ronaldo started coming up during 2006 World Cup why football started back then, people are been celebrating like that before him, he should just concentrate on his football.

the problem is that greenwood loves Messi more than Ronaldo And Mbapee Loves Ronaldo more than Messi So now Greenwood don't like playing with Ronaldo and his selfish And Mbapee Loves Ronaldo pattern Every players got their own choice.

bro you’re right, the style we play (if there is a style) has no respect for ronaldo, we play side to side never through the middle, it’s funny was just watching psg. All the old famous teams aren’t all that anymore. There’s actaully some mad players in all opposing.

I am a die hard man u fan,but wen it comes to bet I don't include man u..Dem too dey fuck person up big time, Naaa is not ,the guy is enjoying his goal so what is wrong with that. what are you saying my guy delete your post cus you people think Ronaldo is God or what comot for dere even right now Salah is the best player in the league now.

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